Summer Presentation and Open Jam at Asteria Beach (16 June)

Artistic Residency Program: Presentation "3-D Interactive Dance Lab" Meredith Nadler (USA - ISRAEL (6 April)

Open Jam - All & One" (3 March)


Artistic Residency Program: Presantation "Symbology: moving through" Danielle Oke (DMo) (Australia) (1 December)

Open Jam - Meeting with the "Apano Meria" (4 November)

FROM THE BEGINNING - A flash back in the art of dance from the Renaissance to the dawn of the 21st century: Dance performance from the Akropoditi Dance Centre students (8 & 9 June)

116th Dream: Artistic Residency Presentation Evita Pitara & Cédric Gagneur (Greece – France–Switzerland) (21 April)

Every Brilliant Thing (20 & 21 March)

Artistic Residency Presentation Anis Ouazzani & Ainara Lopez (France - Spain) (10 March)

Open Jam - Past: A cause for a new creation (10 February)

Artistic Residency Presentation Eve Ganneau & Antonis Nikiforos (France - Greece) (20 January)


Open Jam - The dancing voice - The dance that sounds (18 November)

Open Jam - Movement and sound dialogue, agreements and disagreements (21 October)


International Dance Day | Saturday 29 April

"Borrowed Shoes" A solo, a cappella musical performance (22-23 Decembre)

Artistic Residency Presentation: Mina Ananiadou, Zoe Bernabeu & Allessandro Sollima (Greece, France & Italy) “Exploring Creative Autonomy” (11 November)

Open Jam / Improvisation of movement and sound (15 October)

Artistic Residency Presentation: Marielys Burgos Meléndez & Dorcas Roman (Puerto Rico) “Islanders: among Waters” (14 October)

DanceFest Akropoditi 2016 (11 - 24 July)

Presentation: IOU, The song of the night, by the students of Akropoditi Dance Centre(14 -15 June)

Artistic Residency Presentation: Panayiotis Tofi (Cyprus) “Documenting emptiness” (26 May)

Artistic Residency Performance: Liquid Fusion “Burn” (26 March)

Artistic Residency Presentation: Carmen Moreira & Open Jam/Improvisation of movement and sound (19 March)

Performance: Krapp's Last Tape - Theatre of Sitia (Apollo Theatre) (22-23 February)

Puppet show: “O Gaiglaros” - Ta panta Fi (7 February)

Open Jam/Improvisation of movement and sound (6 Februay)

Performance: CIRCUS EXPLOSIVA SEMPRE VIVA - Nefelopetra (Apollo Theatre) (7-8 January)


Performance: Twisted Pair - Ioannis Mandafounis, Olivia Ortega, Katerina Skiada, Nikos Dragonas (21-22 November)

Performance: "Oi nikites" (The winers) - Theatre of Sitia (7-8 November)

Performance: BETELGEZ - ki oMos kinite (Apollo Theatre) (3-4 November)

Presentations from the workshop "Theatrical Text – Stage Presence" (6, 7, 13, 14 June)

Projection: Roberto Zappalà "naufragio con spettatore" (30 May)

Event: International Dance Day (29 April)

Projection: Jérôme Bel (21 March)

Artistic Residency Presentation: Yannis Adoniou & Eugenia Arsenis (5 March)

Artistic Residency Presentation: Yiannis Tsigkris & Angeliki Gouvi (18 February)

Projection: Achterland - Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker (24 January)

Open Jam/Improvisation of movement and sound (every month)


Performance Projection: The Last Monster, Akropoditi Dancetheatre (13 December)

Artistic Residency Presentation: Meri Pajunpää (11 December)

Performance: The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum, Ubuntu Company (22 November)

Movie: The Blood of a Poet, Jean Cocteau (16 November)

Performance: Alternative Forms: Energy, Charis Vekris (1-2 November)

Performance: Medusa, Akropoditi Dancetheatre & The Orchestra of the Cyclades (17-20 October)

Performance: Protocolo, Hansel Nezza, Meritxell Checa (23 - 24 August)

Akropoditi DanceFest (5 - 20 July)

Presentation: MIDNIGHT'S SUMMER DREAM by the students of Akropoditi Dance Centre(12 -13 June)

Artistic Residencies Presentation: Lindsey Renee Derry - Yiannis Andoniou (30-31 May)

Artistic Residencies Presentation: Theodosia Stathi - Jurij Konjar (17 May)

Musical Film: Jesus Christ Superstar, Norman Jewison (4 May)

Event: International Dance Day (29 April)

Performance: Actual Wording, Carnation Dance Company (22-23 March)

Movie: Ashes and Snow, Gregory Colbert (9 February)

Open Jam/Improvisation of movement and sound (every month)


Movie: Peter and the wolf, Royal Ballet School (8 December)

Artistic Residency Presentation: UNITY PROJECT - The way we are, Espirito Santo Mauricio (15 November)

Performance: A little dream, Vangelis Papadakis, Iris Kyriakopoulou (10 November)

Artistic Residency Presentation: Gerontion, Anmar Taha & Jan Rådvik (25 October)

Movie: Cinderella, Ballet and Orchestra of the Lyon National Opera (20 October)

Performance: 6 Degrees bellow the horizon, Indigo Fera Art Productions (12-13 October)

Artistic Residency Presentation: OXYS in black and white (Music and Performing Arts, Milan - Athens - Syros) (16 August)

Performance: Plus aut minor Duo, Ametakinit(R)o (2-3 August)

Performance: Two states of waiting, Akropoditi Dancetheatre | Prohibition Vs Liberty: A True Story, Alexandros Vardaxoglou, Anastasia Mprouzioti (22-23 June)

Documentary: The art of photography (Platon Rivellis) (11 June)

Performance: Paramoni Protochronias (New Year's Eve) (19 May)

Artistic Residency Presentation: Abandoned Eternity, Marius Soluna (11 May)

Event: International Dance Day (29 April)

Lecture - Presentation: Choreographing for the camera - Athens Video Dance Project 2012 (13 April)

Performance: In lo(e)verland, Athanasia Kanellopoulou (6 April)

Presentation: Jan Fabre (30 March)

Exhibitition of paintings: Giolanda Ziaka (23-30 March)

Movie: White nights (23 February)

Open Jam/Improvisation of movement and sound (every month)

Aqui/Version 0.7, ¡FLAMENCO ACT! (19 January)