Weekly Courses

Classical Ballet     children, teenagers / adults
The classic ballet is the basis of all substantial education in dance. As the most structured type of dance, it is based on the development and cultivation of elements such as harmony, musicality, discipline, power, complete control of movement, proper positioning and alignment of the body. The course combines techniques from 2 basic systems ballet, the English (RAD), and Russian (Vaganova).

Contemporary Dance     children, teenagers / adults
The approach of dance through a deeper knowledge of the body and its particularities, through the expansion and evolution of consciousness and personality, sense of space and time, using different styles and qualities, shifting the weight through respiration, expressiveness and imagination. Starting with the techniques Graham, Limon and Release, and influences from every facet of modern movement expression; the natural, everyday movement, energy management, isolation of movement and unrestricted flow, are organized in a kind of movement and dance that revolutionized all strictly structured systems and freed the body and the creativity of the dancers in the world. The course develops simultaneously through the technique of Contact Improvisation, bringing the body into contact with the space and with other bodies. The contact, builds through trust, exploring the limits of the body, coordination and the different uses of our weight in the search of a dialog and the inexhaustible movement forms of coexistence.

Contemporary Dance and Traditions     adults
Contemporary dance meets tradition. Rhythms, steps, stories and rituals from places around the world, integrated in the flow of a course that explores our need to move, to dance and enjoy the individual and group trip of the body in space and time.

Modern Dance – Techniques     teenagers / adults
The course teaches basic elements of the techniques of José Limón, Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham, the founders of modern dance and precursors of contemporary dance, with the goals of strengthening the body's core, studying rhythm and accuracy, spiral motion, swinging and isolation.

Modern Dance - Jazz     teenagers / adults
A course that brings together movement with music, as well as dance with theatrical expression. The course includes exercises and choreographies that combine elements from modern dance and musicals.

Improvisation     adults
Integral part of all forms of art and creativity, improvisation, opens a field of exploration and cultivation of expressive means with the primary material of the identity and the individuality of each person. The course evolves through playing, group and individual exercise, free and guided creative action, giving particular attention to the use of the “random”, awakening and activating the senses, the process of selection and transformation during the structure of stage presence.

Theatrical Text – Stage Presence     adults
A multi-sided approach of a theatrical text, aiming at the personal route and research of speech, from the internal voice to the articulated speech and stage presence. The course includes preparation of the body and the voice, as well as working on texts from the international theatrical repertoire.

Movement, Strengthening and Stretching     teenagers / adults
A course aimed at exercising, making more flexible and loosening the body, through stretching, strengthening and endurance exercises, incorporating basic acrobatic elements and simple movement combinations.

Somatics     teenagers / adults
A course with which, focusing on breathing and conscious movement we improve muscle stamina, strength and elasticity, joint flexibility, relaxing of muscle stress and achieve a more functional and ergonomic movement. As a result, the body becomes free of any stress and pain that is caused, acquires a correct posture and responds more effectively in your daily life.

Somatics Props     teenagers / adults
The objectives of the course are achieved using foam rollers or fitness balls. The instability that these props offer is an ongoing challenge for the body, which is called to activate and control many muscles simultaneously each time. Thus, it develops its mobility, balance, strength and neuromuscular joints. Exercises on the foam rollers also offer relaxation of muscle tension.

Yoga     teenagers / adults
Yoga means union. It is a path without an end, that through physical and mental exercise manages to transfer us in the present. The method of teaching Yoga Works includes Vinyasa flow and alignments, combined with subtle sequences of Asana, so that students acquire the basic knowledge they need to listen to their body with skill, integrity and security, while simultaneously honoring their uniqueness. A key element of this method is the conscious and dynamic practice of Asanas. The distinctive perspective Yoga Works is inspired by three different systems of Yoga: Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vini.

Capoeira: Afro-Brazilian martial dance     teenagers / adults
Capoeira is a martial and dance art, which essentially combines music, singing, theatricality and tradition. The rhythm and cooperation are the key elements of the "game" through which we achieve empowerment, flexibility, accuracy, and confidence in our body and in our partner.

Teachers: Nabil el Barrage, Thalassini Nomikou, Mandy Papandreou, Angeliki Sigourou, Yiorgos Terzis, Ariadni Psychogiopoulou

Seminars and Workshops

Training-Educational seminars and workshops of theoretical and practical content [performing, visual and any other form of arts] are scheduled during the whole year with artists from Greece and other countries.

Dance Workshops: are planned during the whole year, according to the needs, desires and goals of the Centre’s managers, but also of the younger and older students and participants, with guest teachers from Greece and other countries.

Open Jam     children / teenagers / adults
Open improvisation in movement and sound, starting with the free research of movement and expression and the participation of musicians. (One Saturday or Sunday per month)

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Courses start date: 17/09/2016

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