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The Dance Centre, expression and creation in contemporary arts Akropoditi, is working in Syros island since January 2013. It consists of two connected buildings, which work as a Studio for dance lessons and as a Workshop Center for Art projects and events.
The primary goal of the Studio is the creation of an enabling environment that will establish a more intimate and closer contact with the classical and contemporary dance, and, more profoundly, with the research process in the field of movement and expression.
The main objectives of the Workshop, Artistic Actions and Events Centre, is the cultural development and promotion of the island, hosting and organizing artistic and educational programs and providing artistic residency to creators from around the world. The space is open to partnerships with local organizations, residents and artists of the island, as well as the rest of the country and other countries, inviting people of all ages to participate in its activities.
Apart from actions associated with dance, the Center provides housing to every other form of art, expression and creation. Preconditions of all activities are to support the cultivation of mind and body, free creation, individual and group initiative through any action that contributes to the fulfillment and the development of the perceptual and expressive potential of the individual or group.